Jerome Bruner
"Education is risky, for it fuels the sense of possibility."

Jerome Bruner was born on October 1, 1915 in New York City. Bruner was a high proponent through his theories that "learners construct new ideas or concepts based on previous knowledge" (Cooper, 2009). Inspired by Piaget's work he introduced the idea that young children were not only active problem solvers but capable of exploring 'difficult subjects" as well. Bruner came to introduce the concepts of "spiral curriculum" and "readiness for learning".

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"Readiness for learning" essentially states that a student can learn anything if it's brought to their cognitive level. In the above example students are taught to find books in different ways depending on their age. If they are in kindergarten they use a place marker. As they grow older they can begin to understand how books are organized on the shelves to finally using a computer to locate the book of their choice.

"Spiral Learning" introduces the notion of revisiting concepts that have already been introduced in the past and elaborating on them each time.

We were also able to give an example of constructivist tool (Xtranormal) in action (and on the side it tells you a little bit about Bruner himself):

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