Try Constructing with Constructivist Tools

Constructivist tools are ill defined, explorative, challenging, and creative.
Now it's your turn to try one.

  • Link to the 50 Ways Wiki. (
  • Use one of the tools available to create a summary of your understanding of Constructivism.

mouse&cheese.jpgFOOD for THOUGHT
Create something that would be helpful in constructing your understanding of Constructivism.
Create something you could use in your current teaching practice to teach colleagues, students or other adults about Constructivism.

Be sure to provide the link to your work in the discussion thread in the WebCT symposium for this week. Also, provide some feedback on the experience of creating. Was it challenging? How did you feel in the process?

Here's an example of a video created using xtranormal.
It provides information about Jerome Bruner. This will give you an idea of what is possible.